Taking the DELF

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What is the DELF and what’s its significance?

DELF is shorthand for Diplôme d’Etude en Langue Française.  The French Ministry of Education grants these diplomas to non-French speakers working toward proficiency in the language.  The diplomas ultimately provide recognition of French language skills and can be listed on a resumé when applying for admittance to a French university or for French employment.

This week I took the A1 Exam at the l’Alliance Française in Midtown Atlanta.  It was the first of six proficiency levels that I plan to achieve.  Level A1 is called the “discovery” stage of language development.  One needs to be able to demonstrate the ability to conduct simple conversation about himself and his environment in writing and speech.  During the exam, the candidate first listens to a series of three recordings – phone messages or travel announcements and has to answer questions about them.  Part two involves reading comprehension, filling in forms and writing letters or emails in order to convey plans or directions.  Tomorrow I’ll return to the l’Alliance Française and take the conversation portion of the exam.
The A2 exam is still a basic application of the language, but B1 and B2 will require that I have the ability to express my opinion…à mon avis…
Bref, I’ll need to be able to make an argument for my viewpoint and defend my opinion.  I can do that!
Allons y!

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